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Having gone too far early in my thirteenth year my father said to me you are going to make yourself a paddle under his watchful eye there began 4 inches by 14.

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Paddled at school and a switching at home it began a few weeks before when mable found herself in trouble at school it was not the first time she had been sent to the office for this offense so the principal felt the best way to handle it on that day was to apply a very forceful paddling to her teen bottom after all she was a cheerleader and as such a visible student there were.

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In this pov self spanking film wistful housewife pandora blake reads from her old diary and shares memories of the embarrassment of the spankings she received as a schoolgirl.

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It is a daily occurrence in schools throughout the south and it tends to be the solution to many disciplinary problems in general corporal punishment has been taken out of the classrooms and only takes place within the schools office by the vice principal or a designated administrator.

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In households in which corporal punishment is taken especially seriously a paddle is often the go to implement in many homes they simply take a common item such as a cutting board and use it as a paddle.

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If mother spanks daughter is your thing then there is a new spanking story over on my main site with an added bonus that the daughters boyfriend is listening to the whole thing outside the apartment.

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This page is just one of this websites 5000 pages of factual documentation and resources on corporal punishment around the world have a look at the sites front page or.

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Illustrations related to corporal punishment schools judicial prisons institutions past and present in all countries of the world pictures of recipients implements caning equipment spanking in.

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From book 1 if youre looking for erotic spanking fiction that will quicken your pulse and stimulate both mind and body then this is the collection for you featuring 17 spanking stories and around 75000 words this anthology was previously published as 3 individual ebooks miss tight brown pants the courtship of a goddess and the bachelorette party.

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